Wholesale Information

We are strictly a wholesale-only baby clothing stores merchandise provider.  Before you can see our prices or place an order, you MUST fill out our “Wholesale Application” and be approved.   A member of our team will process your application and advise you via email. Please make sure you include your Tax ID number.  We may check the business registration in your state using your Tax ID and will ask you to email us a copy.  Please allow 2 to 3 days for your application to be processed.  
Minimum online order for each season is $600 for the first order and $300.00 for reorders.
 Minimum Quantity:  3 pieces per style in a run of sizes.  Our runs of sizes are as follows:
     1.  Size newborn can be ordered alone in quantities of any amount
     2.  3 M - 6 Mo - 9 Mo is considered a run of sizes (one per size),  total of 3 pieces
     3.  12 Mo - 18 Mo - 24 Mo is considered a run of sizes (one per size) Total of 3 pieces
     4.  2T- 3T - 4T is considered a run of sizes (one per size) total of 3 pieces
After your application has been approved you will receive an activation email with log in information.  If you do not receive an email in 2-3 days after submitting your application please check your spam box or email us, we will gladly check the status of your application if you would like to give us a call.
We want to help you succeed in your business in any way we can.  Our brand is well known and has been in the market since 1995.  We have many loyal customers and we hope you will become one of them. 
To protect you, as well as us, we do not allow any of our customer to sale or advertise goods for less than our Manufacture Suggested Retail Price which is double the wholesale price.  You could offer short term sales and promotions as we understand this is essential for marketing.  Our goods are to be sold in brick and mortar stores and established on-line stores.  You can only sell merchandise that you have already purchased.  We do not allow customers to take Pre-Orders or sales on Facebook (or other similar sites).  We don't allow sales on ebay. We don't allow any activity that will damage our brand or our existing loyal customers' business.  If you see or hear of any such activity, please contact our office immediately and we'll take the necessary action.  We reserve the right to deny or revoke wholesale rights to any customer at any time.
If you would like to use our pictures please email us a request for permission with complete information as how you plan to use them.  Pictures could be used only in your business website.  Pictures are not allowed to be used in Facebook groups as a way of pre-selling.  You can only use pictures of styles you have purchased.  If you have any questions regarding the use of our pictures please contact us by email bellfashions@protonmail.com.